An Overview on Industrial Central Vacuum Systems and Equipment

Every industry of modern era is very concerned about industrial health hazards. They realize that once workers are in a healthy working environment, because the productivity of an industry is bound to be more as desired by the management, in such favorable environment. The loss of man-hour can also be reduced to a greater extent by planting modern housekeeping systems to control dust and managing spills. You can consider installing industrial central vacuum system which is available ranging from single operator use to multi-operator systems. Stationary vacuum system and industrial portable vacuum system can be installed to handle all kind of cleaning actions. You just need to select the system with required pump, tubing, separator, and other fittings. In case you are not well aware about this system or feel confused, you can discuss on the issue with an experienced professional for desired features.

Desired Features of a Central Vacuum System

  • The system should be manufactured by authorized manufacturer with required license and certificate.
  • The system should not produce too much noise. Many authorities concerned on worker’s welfare are very strict on noise level at the workplace of any industry.
  • The system should be powerful enough to meet the cleaning demand while is the best on the issue of safety. The system should be designed in a manner that it can remain operational for 24X7X365.
  • Your central vacuum system should be of the type that you can place them at any location, inside or outside the working units.
  • The system should be capable of collecting all waste produced by your industrial activities and then disposing them into your designated waste container.
  • The system you are planning to install should have a considerably long life span and guarded with good warranty period.

 Available Technologies for an Industrial Vacuum System

Depending on your need, a specialist technician of such systems will be able to recommend you the right technology your system should have. However, following technologies are common with such systems:

  • For multi user application, there are multi stage centrifugal systems available in the market.
  • For single user application, you can get regenerative systems for your plant.
  • For cleaning bulk spills, you can install positive displacement pumps.

Available Separators with Different Configurations

Central vacuum system can support one or more than one operators. These systems maintain an equal vacuum while the air volume differs with power increasing with flow.  This means performance does not get affected while the number of operators may change. Normally, the length of hose used is less than 50 feet with a diameter of less than 2.5″ ID. An industrial vacuum system is made up of six vital components including vacuum producer or exhauster, filtration systems, the discharge device, conveying or piping network, the hose and tools, and the control system. Now, as far as the configurations of the separators are concerned, you can avail any of the following styles –

  • Bin-vent style
  • Support frames style
  • Cartridge or bag filters style
  • Dirty side filter or clean exchange style
  • Tangential, radial and rock-box inlets style
  • Horizontal or vertical filter orientation style

Benefits of installing Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems
As far as in- plant housekeeping is concerned; you can get following benefits from your vacuum system:

  • ·Removal of hazardous spills and dust: This will ensure healthy air quality while reduced cost on housekeeping. With a perfect system you can eliminate the nuisance resulted from manual sweeping.
  • By planting vacuum cleaning system, you can expect to get required certificates from concerned authorities very easily.
  • You can keep cool on the issues of removal; of waste materials in the quickest and easiest possible manner.

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