Hot Stamping Film by Cosmo Films

What are Hot Stamping Films?

Hot stamping films are used for embossing metallic or coloured finish to a surface through thermal bonding or hot stamping process. The length, thickness and width are vital product specifications to take into account. Width and thickness of such films is measured as fractions of inch. Thickness is expressed in microns and is measured following slight pressure with a specific gauge. Features to consider while selecting hot stamping films include applications as well as substrate or material compatibility.

Features of Hot Stamping Film

  • Hot stamping films are used with substrates including leather, metal, paper or wood, ceramic or glass.
  • Foils are films for foam materials or foam bonding applications.
  • Adhesive consistency and viscosity are associated with foam or porous materials.
  • Certain hot stamping films are resistant to light, heat, cold, water or weather conditions.
  • Hot stamping films which are metalized have metallic appearance or metal coating.
  • Laminated hot stamping serves to add strength.
  • Reflective hot stamping films are highly visible and provide warnings about conditions which are not safe.
  • Transparent hot stamping films permit transmission of light.


Applications of Hot Stamping Films

Applications range from aerospace to automotive, biotech, pharma, cable marking, closet processing and electronics as well as label manufacturing and medical applications. Specialised hot stamping films are used for packaging, printing, microwave and semiconductor applications. Applications on labels and cartons of premium products and use of everyday consumer goods product labelling are some of the widespread applications of hot stamping film. These films are designed to be versatile.

Offerings at Cosmo Films

020C1050 (SCR-M): BOPP based print lamination scuff resistant matte film is a water resistant, hot stamping film produced exclusively by Cosmo Films. This Bi-Axially Oriented Polypropylene product is one side corona treated and the other side scuff-resistant matte. This BOPP films is used in wet lamination with printed as well as unprinted paper and is not only natural looking, but has good hot stamping and lacquer adhesion as well. It can be used for book covers, posters, magazine, diaries and other kinds of printed and unprinted paper products.

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