How Birth Flowers Influence Your Personalities?

We all have heard about birth flowers but has anyone paid close attention to the fact that our flower choices speak volumes about our personalities. Similar to the birthstone every person has a fixed birth flower which is attributed to the month their birthday falls in.Every flower choice comes with fixed characteristics that are too easy to find.


People who are born in the month of January has Carnations as their birth flower. This particular flower is available in different colors and varieties. These flower is popularly known as the ‘flower of the Gods.’ Carnations are considered to be symbolic of love, fascination and fidelity. People who are born in the month of January and have Carnations as their birth flower are always on the look out to succeed in life. They have never to give up kind of attitude. They always set goals and make sure that they accomplish them too. You will find them too protective about their families. The biggest barrier that comes in their way is to openly communicate their feelings. So the next time you have a friend or loved ones whose birthday falls in the month of January, don’t forget to send them a flower bouquet of carnations to manifest the thoughtfulness that has been put into the gifts.


Many would misunderstood roses to be the birth flower of people born in the month of February because after all it is the Valentine’s month, a month of pure love and romance which is not the case. The birth flower of people born in the month of February is Violet. And people who are born under this month have a strong sense of intuition, common sense and a strong will too. Women who have Violet as their birth flower have usually been blessed with magnetic quality and are intellectual too.


March is for Daffodils and the flower is known to emote joy, happiness and gaiety all around. People who have daffodils as their birth flower are usually compassionate, independent, impractical and timid. They are often awarded as the peacemakers when the world around them are fighting. And one of the greatest qualities of people born in the month of March is that they can easily adapt to any given situations.


You might have often find the people born in the month of March to be innocent, modest and curious, well, this is because they have their birth flower as daisy. They are born leaders and they have a positive vibe which they keeps spreading amongst everyone they are in contact with. They are highly competitive but at the same time are too impatient which turns out to be a strong reason of their hasty decisions. They are definitely not good listeners.


We all know that lilies are used as medicinal flower for ages. The graceful flower is the birth flower of the people born in the month of May. They are strong and courageous and can easily handle the difficulties of life. Women who have lilies as their birth flower are usually beautiful and intellectual too. So you can impress your lady love with a thoughtful flower bouquets of lilies.


A flower that stands as a testimony to passion are roses. People born in the month of June are super romantic and sensitive which makes roses their birth flower. Besides, the romantic element people born in this month are known to have a solid friendship too. Every relationship that they have is rock solid and they will go to any extent just to ensure that relationship is maintained.


Delphinium is the birth flower for people born in the month of July. And this flower is known to symbolize levity and lightness. People with this birth flower are often considered to be happy go lucky types and are quite adventurous by nature. They are perfect story tellers who love to tell stories to knit the audience together.


Have you ever had an encounter with a person who has got a very magnetic personality? Well, they are usually people born in the month of August. You tend to feel drawn towards them irrespective of the fact whether they reciprocate the same feelings or not. These people are also quite stubborn but noble. Hence Gladiolus turns out to be the birth flower for them.


The most ration of the lot are people born in the month of September. The beauty of the people born in the month of the September is that they are very patient and listen to both sides before making their own decision. They hate losing their temper and love to maintain cool even during the most stressful times. Therefore, there can be nothing better than Aster to describe their patience.


October born people are usually artistic and they are always full of emotions and feelings. The birth flower of people born in the month of October is Marigold and even though the flower symbolizes funeral and mourning but that doesn’t mean that there is something negative about them.


Chrysanthemums are usually the birth flower of people born in the month of November. People born under this month are quite loving and gel easily with other members too. The love changes and like to be surrounded with new people most of the time. Chirpy and vibrant looking Chrysanthemum turns out to be the best bet for all the November born.


Celebrations are what people who have their birthday in month of December crave for. And Poinsettias are symbolic of celebration. People born in the month of December are quite ambitious and would not like to settle for something lesser than what they have set out to achieve. You may not like their extreme bluntness but honesty is an important attribute of people born in the month of December  and don’t forget send Christmas gifts.

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