How to Choose the Best Moving Company: Money Issues

On-site estimate. Once you are 100% sure that a moving company is legitimate, it is just the right time to find out about its pricing. Grande Prairie experts advise to simply contact the moving company in order to ask about an on-site estimate, in which the mover sends an employee who will examine all your belongings and estimate the total price of the move. You need to ask for a “binding” estimate if it is possible, because exactly biding estimate will clearly list the cost of each separate service and the total sum. A “non-binding” estimate usually becomes significantly more expensive when the moving company actually charges you. The exact laws governing binding and non-binding estimates in fact vary between the provinces and countries; it means that you need to look up for laws exactly in your area.

You need to show your estimator everything that he needs to make an accurate estimate. Do not forget about the basement, closets, your backyard and sheds, and actually any place of your home which contains any movable goods. According to an expert in moving in Leduc you need not trust an estimator who does not make a thorough examination.

All extra charges. You need to run the whole fine print very carefully in order to work out how much your move will actually cost. Ask the moving company to disclose all the possible fees, including special ones for moving certain items, unpacking and packing each carton, or even using additional packing material if it comes apart. If you think that some of them are unreasonable, then you just need to move on to another company.

Reimbursement for damaged or lost items. At this point you need to ask the movers for all important information on liability or valuation, which will aim to tell you how much money the movers will owe you on case any items are lost or damaged during the shipment.A moving company in Leduc may also offer several valuation services at various prices, and if you have signed a document which does not specifically agrees to only one service, then you might be charged on a more expensive plan.

Be wary of too low estimates. If one moving company gives you much lower cost estimates than all the other competitors, then do not jump on that opportunity without doing your research. Edmonton professionals say that too low estimates can mean a dishonest or inaccurate estimate, or which is more often – lower quality of service that might damage your household items. On the other hand, some newcomer in this business set low estimates for their services in order to attract customers. To draw the line: if you see low estimate – check it before accepting.

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