Plants Giving You Simple Hacks for Healthy Lifestyle!

There are many indoor plants that do not need much water and release freshness to keep your home or office cool. Planting more trees nearby your home will help in blocking the direct incursion of ultraviolet rays. It will also boost the inflow of oxygen in the inner ambiance and will reduce the need for air conditioners.


So, adopt the indoor plants to beat the heat in this summer with these cool and practical ideas:

  1. Plant more pots at schools and offices

Place where you spend a lot more hours of your day should be green no matter it is your working or living place. You can plant the small green pots at the corridors, near the window or on the table and main entrances.

  1. Use mud pots in place plastic ones

These days plastic pots for the plants are in trends as they easy to carry and break proof. But according to the experts plastic pots do not allow plants to grow as mud pot or open in the soil.

Contact with Mother Nature and soil allow plants to cultivate more brightly. Mud pot also helps in healing the environment as plastic is more extensively used in every possible form.

  1. Place plants at your dining table

At the house, we can beautify our interior with pots in different sizes & shapes to appeal the freshness stay back at your room. You can also choose family – oriented or theme based pots to decorate your home from inside. It will make brighter the place and keep it fresh at the same time.

  1. Bathroom can be the best place for plants

Yes, it is true that you can also place plants in your bathrooms as well.  This is the most unaware place to entice with decoration. You can choose small & aromatic plants in the bathrooms to keep your body calming and close to nature. Because your bathroom also needs a stroke of green to become breathable.

  1. Go for kitchen gardening to make your working station green and organic

One can go produce easy herbs and vegetables in their kitchen and have the benefit of the green, fresh organic vegetables in their home. This will keep you close to greenery and will keep the ventilation in kitchen cool and will destroy the virus and bacteria caused due to ultraviolet radiation.

When you decorate your home with houseplants, you’re not just adding greenery. These living organisms cooperate with you and your home in ways that boost the quality of life.

Purifying Air

Indoor plants kill the toxins from air – up to 87 % of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours, as per the research of NASA. Volatile organic compounds comprise essences like formaldehyde (available in rugs, vinyl, cigarette smoke and grocery bags), benzene and trichloroethylene (available man-made fibers, inks, solvents, and paint). Benzene is generally found in high concentrations in study settings, where books and printed material available.

Breathing Easier

When you respire, your body takes in oxygen and takes out carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, every plant takes in carbon dioxide and takes out oxygen. This contrary pattern of gas use makes plants and human being innate partners depend on each other. Adding plants in your home can increase the level of oxygen.

But in the night, photosynthesis process stops and plants act like human takes in oxygen and takes out carbon dioxide. But some plants like epiphytic bromeliads, succulents, and orchids do the same as in the days. So you can place these plants in your bedrooms to get the fresh air during the nights.

The basic thing that we learn through this write-up is plants are the backbone of all life on Earth and an important resource for human well-being.  But we are living in a world where concrete jungles slowly cover the greens. But now there are many real estate developers in Gurgaon that are offering residential projects with lots of greenery. You can easily find these residential projects in web portals like IndRealEstates.Com. At here you will get residential property from many reputed developers with different sizes, configuration, and budgets.


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