Relationships are Truly Important to Celebrate Festivals

Human society is based on relationships

We live our bonds and friendships to the core and celebrate them on various occasions. There are some relations that we are born with, that is our family and some of them that we make as we live, they are friends and loved ones; all are pure and precious. The sanctity and beauty of a relationship cannot be substituted by anything. A person can never live and die alone.

These relationships are also instrumental while we celebrate happy occasions in our lives. Festivals would seem so empty and meaningless if we do not have our families and friends to celebrate them with. Imagine the plight of people who stay in distant places for work or other reasons and celebrate festivals alone. They long to come back and be with their loved ones. Be it Diwali, Holi, Rakshabandhan, or New Year, each occasion becomes joyful only when we have relations to rejoice with.

Let us detail out the importance of relationships during festivals:

We Learn to Care and Share

With our loved ones around during festivals, we put in efforts to make everyone happy. We cook meals together for everyone, we eat together and share smiles. In those moments, we realize how important it is to have a family during festivals, because without family, no celebration would hold any meaning.

We Understand the Significance of Festivals

The elderly people of the family always have tales to share about each festival. They help the kids understand the religious and spiritual significance of celebrations. They share their experience and show us the real worth of occasions to make each festival meaningful and fruitful. That’s how we learn and gain the essence of life.

We Make Bonds That Last Forever

When we sing, laugh and share happy moments with family and friends during festivals we, unknowingly, water the roots of relationships and make them stronger to bear any storm in future. The hands held together in times of celebrations, stay connected in difficult times too. We make sure that the times spent in joy make a solid foundation for life forever. Be it our relationship with our mother, father, sister or brother; each one of them hold an immensely important place in our lives.

We Exchange Love Through Meaningful Gifts

It is customary to buy gifts for friends and family, and it always proves to be a beautiful gesture. We invest time and choose thoughtful gifts for our loved ones. Diwali gifts for family, Christmas presents for friends or Rakhi gifts for bhaiya bhabhi, each one is only a way to express unbound love for those who are precious to us.

We Value Our Families

Festivals are the times when families get together leaving behind all the disputes, prejudices and differences of rich and poor. We understand that all these miniscule conflicts hold no value in front of the beautiful moments that are shared and preserved forever. We realize that real meaning of family is feeling of love care, affection, responsibility and kindness that we share with the ones we are in relationship with. That’s how we value the relationships more and more.

It is true that relationships are extremely important and they never ask for anything but loyalty, love and understanding. When we celebrate festivals, we give and receive all of it and work on making the relations stronger.

Remember other things may change, but it is the family with which we start and end up.

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