Some Important Ways to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

Every business, be it small scale company or large scale organisation, wants to make its customers happy and satisfied. Well, some companies remain satisfied by knowing that their customers have great things to say about their brand. However, the efforts and attempts made to deliver the exceptional customer experience should never stop there. There is no denial to the fact that positive customer feedbacks are essential to brand success. But, taking proactive actions toward turning these contented customers into brand advocates is the secret to long-term loyalty and acquiring new customers.


According to the white house office of consumer affairs, it is 6 to 7 times more difficult to reach new customers than keeping the existing ones. So, how can a business turn its happiest customers into loyal brand advocates?

Given below are the important ways to achieve this:

  1. Deliver consistent service: Going extra mile to surpass the customer experience is a key trick for earning their loyalty. This implies meeting every aspect of customers, right from keeping them informed to simplifying their lives with advanced service features. If a delay in delivery is expected or any festive bonanza is coming up, keep them notified at the earliest. It is important to offer them with a live chat option to make the sales process easier. On top of that, a callback system should be readily available to save their time when they need service. So, the key point is think of your customer’s needs and they will think about your brand.
  2. Follow omnichannel approach: There is no second though that customers love varieties, and omnichannel service has the capability to achieve this. The real challenge is to provide a truly consistent experience with talented staff who are ready to engage on any channel at any given time. In order to deliver a great customer experience, it is important to ensure that all channels are well-optimized, keeping in mind that customer often have a preferred channel to connect with the professional at the call centre. Take note of that preferred channel and strive to engage customer on that particular channel to create a great impact.
  3. Start loyalty programs: It is important to run loyalty programs to win customer’s heart and loyalty. Show them your gratitude by offering a loyalty program with attractive discounts and special offers on the basis of their past purchasing history. Also come up with special discounts and offers to attract new customers. Brand advocates origin when organisations take the time to recognise and appreciate their customers.
  4. Engage customers on social media: In the current times, social media networking has evolved as the most effective marketing strategy to attract large mass of audience. This is the perfect place to find brand advocates. Every positive comment from the customer is considered as a great opportunity to engage with the satisfied customer and cultivate healthy relationships, whether it is thanking them for their comment or engaging them in events. When it comes to a negative comment, it is quite necessary to address every complaint or concern and make a point of showing on these public platforms that your brand is giving attention to the customer concerns. Social media engagement plays the crucial role in connecting with happy customers and turning the disappointed ones into potential brand advocates.
  5. Ask for customer feedback: To build brand awareness and turn customers into brand advocates, it is important to gather customer feedback. Ask customers for their feedback through post-contact and regular surveys to improve customer services. Choose call centre services to conduct periodic surveys to capture customer feedbacks. Customers will appreciate knowing you care enough to improve the brand credibility and enhance customer satisfaction.

These are the important tips to turn satisfied customers into brand advocates. Choose outsourced vendor that offer excellent call centre services to enhance customer experience.

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