The Importance of Gift Giving

Gifting is a priceless way to show that we care. We use presents to express our sentiments of adoration towards others. Gifts are invaluable in relationships. The thought of handing someone a gift fills us with warmth. It brings back memories of enjoyable experiences we had with that person. The feeling is priceless! And when the gift finally reaches the receiver, the look on his/her face is noteworthy. Contrary to popular belief, the well-wisher who sends the box of joy experiences more fulfilment than the one who receives it. Gifts glue and strengthen bonds like nothing else. Gifting places a lot of importance on ties. It mends a lot of broken relationships. And makes an enormous difference in the other person’s life.

The passé custom of sending boxes of chocolates and roses for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays of girlfriend have been overplayed beyond their capacity. Don’t they seem so mundane? They don’t seem to induce any remarkable feelings of love these days. These contributions are usually conjured up at the last moment without much of a clue and the ladies know it. Bah! Don’t make them roll their eyes again. Gift them something that will make them look forward to the next tryst. Thinking about unique gifts would be a welcome move.

Gift giving shouldn’t become a social obligation. A gift should be such that it reminds people of the patron with profound regard and consideration. It’s an investment that keeps coming back in the form of fondness, affability and even returns gifts. It doesn’t necessarily needs to be expensive. A simple get well gift for a bedridden friend will bring a smile on his face in his tough times. It doesn’t require an occasion. The element of surprise does the job. A unique gift for an employee on an arbitrary day would mean a lot more to him than a gift on his birthday. Gifts can be meant even for strangers. A simple anonymous gift to an orphan would mean a lot to her. It will make more than just her day. It will be remembered for a long time to come.

Moreover, the gift should be unique. It should express your concern towards the other person quite effectively. The cost is not what matters. The value of the gift is unmatched by the value displayed on the price tag. It’s the thought that sticks after all. Consideration is important in gifting. It doesn’t have be a birthday, a marked occasion or the holiday season.  A lovely pleasant bolt out of the blue would be unexplainably amazing.

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