Thermal & Wet Lamination Films for Graphic Art

Thermal films and wet lamination films are widely used in the graphic art and film making industry. These films are suited for conventional wet lamination along with solvent based, UV or special hot melt adhesives and dispersion. Lamination films are pre-treated on both levels for conversion through UV spot varnishing, hot stamping and embossing. Some of the reputed thermal and wet lamination film products of Cosmo Films are a very helpful tool for graphic artists and filmmakers.

Features & Applications of Thermal Lamination Films-BOPP

Thermal lamination films – BOPP range from 18 to 27 micron and are available in different types such as gloss, mate and silky matte.

  • Gloss: It offers superior gloss finish and have high clarity. In addition to this, it has excellent bonding to both printed and unprinted paper substrate.
  • Matte: Offering aesthetic matte finish, this film has excellent durability and bonding. This type of film is suitable for UV coating, hot foil stamping and embossing
  • Silky Matte: Having silky satin finish, this film’s surface is non-reflective

Thermal Lamination Films – BOPP has its applications in brochures, folders, cartons, diaries, manuals, magazines, books, photo-albums, etc.


Features & Applications of Thermal Lamination Films-PET

Thermal lamination film – PET, ranging from 20 to 75 micron, comprise of gloss and silver types.

  • Gloss: It offers high gloss, good stiffness and excellent bonding with ink and coating. It also accepts foil stamping.
  • Silver: Having top printable surface with excellent ink bonding, this film is suitable for UV offset printing. It has a metallic silver background.

This type of film is usually used for maps, menu cards, certificates, marksheets, diaries, perfume bottles, liquor bottles, folder, photo albums and decorative laminations

Features & Applications of WET Lamination Films-BOPP

WET lamination films include BOPP films that are made of Nylon and range from 9 to 15 micron. It has gloss, matte, silky matte and silver variants.

  • Gloss: It has excellent gloss and clarity, low haze and excellent machinability.
  • Matte: It has a natural paper look, top quality machinability and excellent surface for UV coating.
  • Silver: This film is known for good barrier properties, excellent metal anchorage and good twisting properties.
  • Silky Matte: It has a unique optics and top of the line machinability.

Ranging from decorative laminations with paper twist wrap applications to brochures, magazines, and rice bag laminations, this film has multitude of applications.

Film lamination is an area where graphic finishers are offering extended service to customers and thanks to Cosmo Films for its excellent products that work well with other finishing processes. Lamination also has a combination of high gloss, durability and protection of the printed image with faster, user friendly equipment and new film products such as holographic films. This has caused the emergence of diverse graphic art applications.

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