Top Pristine Escapes from the Busy City Life of Pune

Pune is one of those fortunate cities in India that is blessed with a beautiful surrounding. The city has to its credentials some of the best weekend getaway destinations that are just a few hours away from the city making it very convenient for the people living in the city and also people visiting to get a taste of the naturally beautiful places.

The city just next to Mumbai in Maharashtra in terms of modernization, commercialization and basically any aspect imaginable, is none other than the city of Pune. What was once a conservative city, has now grown into the city we see and know of today. The transition of Pune has been one of the most drastic any city has seen in India and is today a hot city amongst youngsters and one of the coolest cities to be in India. Bangalore to Pune flights offers are grabbed by student on every occasion. While there is a lot to do in the city, the best part about visiting the city is that, there are many other places in its neighbouring areas you can visit to have a great relaxing time. Here are some of the few weekend escapes from Pune you can visit.


In the event that you need to see delightful lakes and waterfalls, head over to Khandala. This spot has an awesome territory for climbing and trekking or notwithstanding for a pleasant excursion! The picturesque magnificence in front your eyes and investigating the close-by caverns are reasons enough to make a visit again soon.



It is known as smaller than usual Mahabaleshwar of Maharashtra attributable to its cool atmosphere consistently. It is situated in the Ratnagiri area and is a popular Konkan hill station. It is a residential community stuffed with attractions from memorable monuments, temples, flawless shorelines and lavish vegetation encompassing every last bit of it, making it a much loved for weekend destination travelers.



Bhandardara, a hill station settled in the Sahyadri scopes of Maharashtra, has all the nature’s endowments a spot can get. The rich greenery, the unassuming waterfalls and encompassed by high mountains makes for the ideal occasion spot for city dwellers. This little town is stuffed with such a variety of attractions combined with the tranquility of the nature that it makes for a courageous weekend to flee from the buzzing about of the urban communities.



Set in the foothills of the Sahyadri ranges, this spot is a standout amongst the most after destinations in the area chiefly for its beautiful scene. The time directly after the monsoon season is accepted to be the best time to visit this spot as the downpours shower down on the lavish greeneries and everything looks new and flickered by the downpours.


Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Ajanta and Ellora caves are hugely accepted to be one of the major tourist attractions to the state of Maharashtra. The stone cut holes containing carvings are the finest case of Indian compositions and model. Enhanced with wonderful figures, works of art and frescoes Ajanta and Ellora caves are an amalgamation of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu landmarks as the complex incorporates both Buddhist cloisters and in addition Hindu and Jain temples.


There are other various nearby places to visit in Pune which are achievable after a short drive from Pune. Depending on your time you spend in the city, you can accordingly cover as many places as you can.

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