Transformation of Our Kitchen

We moved to Delhi couple of years back from Mumbai with me joining a new company and immediately got busy with the new life, settling kids to new school, transfer of my wife to the Delhi branch, and other mundane necessities of our lives. We were left with no time to renovate even the kitchen at my grandparent’s house where we started living. We had been looking for a break together to be able to use that time in renovation work, but were not able to find the right person to do it for us.

Recently, during one of our house parties, a family friend suggested that we should consult Wow! Kitchens for the renovation work. It was after we visited their office in Pitampura did we realise how easy it all was and how much we have been avoiding it due to our own ignorance. The team at Wow! kitchens completely understands the requirements of an urban Modular Kitchen Delhi specially keeping in minds the needs of Indian cookings. They even comprehend the storage requirements and the durability requirements in cities.

The extensive range of components which was provided by them during our first visit, we were sure that these were our design experts. They are absolutely flexible when it comes to developing the design and were very helpful with all possible queries from us. The procedure followed was uncomplicated. On our visit to their Modular Kitchen showroom in Pitampura, we were treated like guests and not just ordinary customers in a hardware retail store. We met the expert team of designers and polite sales professionals who did not force their choices or decisions, but spent time in understanding our needs and developed our ideas. We provided the basic details about the existing infrastructure, shape of our kitchen, desired look, etc. In no time were we able to see our dream kitchen design on a paper and obtained the quotation as well.

On completion of other formalities, we agreed to take follow the next course of action. The next step was to take the actual measurements of our kitchen, which was done on the next date we were available at. All our requirements were incorporated and we were given the exact drawing that we visualised for the kitchen. The final quote was provided to us and agreed upon. We confirmed the same and deposited a small advance amount. We were provided the exact delivery schedule and proper tracker with milestones. As the next step, all electrical, plumbing and other civil work was agreed upon along with the plastering of the walls and putting tiles on the floor. We chose the designs and colour schemes as per our needs.

Subsequently, the delivery of kitchen modules and accessories was done as per the schedule. Installation was done and the full balance payment was made. We are very happy with the outcome.  In fact, the happiest person is my wife! It is true to say that kitchen is really the heart of home. I can notice the difference even in the way food is being cooked and served to us. The space constraints have been addressed. The dullness of kitchen cabinet has been renovated to the vibrant and stylish ones. It is now a treat to step in to our new kitchen.

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