Usage of Laser Modules Enhances Operational Efficiency of Industries

The DPSS modules are typically used for different kinds of industrial applications. The term DPSS refers diode pumped solid state, and the diode emits the laser beam through its collimated laser crystal. Manufacturers make use of innovative technologies to design these powerful and solid state lasers that can be easily used for varied applications. The technology of laser is quite new in the market, and researchers are constantly making efforts to improve both the design and performance of lasers. Some of the most common uses of laser technology are laser engraving, laser cutting, laser burning, and more. The high-intensity light easily penetrates into hard-core metals and allows the workers to perform scientific and industrial based tasks. The frequencies of the laser beam differ according to the color and wavelengths.

The compact-sized and advanced technology modules are used in a variety of applications. Apart from low power consumption, the longevity of this device is quite impressive. They are ideal for applications in fields of medical, industrial, or scientific instrumentation. One can find the modules in a wide variety of wavelengths, output powers, or beam shapes. The different colors of diode modules available are red, green, blue, or violet. The red beams are mostly used in dark environments, where the visibility is a bit low. Green lasers are used for materials like hot metal or wood.

How laser modules are used in healthcare industry:

The laser beam emitted from the power modules is powerful enough to treat a myriad of chronic medical conditions. It not just kills the germs, but also cauterizes the wounds and reduces the likelihood of infection. The infrared laser pointers are mostly used in treating soft tissue injuries such as bruises and strains. The laser beam emitted from the modules easily penetrates the skin surface and improves microcirculation, and eliminates inflammation and pain:

Some of the common uses of laser in medical domain are:

  • Laser acupuncture- The non-invasive method of acupuncture makes use of the infrared laser for stimulating the pressure points and treating the medical condition. This method is mostly utilized for the treatment of soft tissue injuries as well as acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Tattoo removal- The short and intense laser beam penetrates into the skin and breaks the tattoo pigment easily. Now people do not have to face scaring and the loss of skin while undergoing tattoo removal. By opting for the laser tattoo removal procedure, the tattoo can be completely removed leaving the skin healthy and clean.
  • Surgery- For different kinds of surgery, doctors often uses the laser. The laser surgery not only eliminates the risk of infection but also minimizes the overall expenses of the surgical procedure.

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