Why do we Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mothers are super humans who need no glorification. They are a perfect epitome of elegance, eloquence, grace and strength. All around the world, people celebrate Mother’s Day to acknowledge the womb that brought them to this world. A mother’s love is selfless and sublime. The affection and warmth she bestows upon her child are pure and unparalleled. Right from the time she conceives, she dedicates her entire life for the well-being of her child. Every day spent with her is a celebration indeed. But there has to be a specific occasion appreciating all the efforts she puts toward the efficient upbringing of her child. To commend the wondrous spirit of all mothers, people in India observe 14th May as Mother’s Day.

Who were the Early Harbingers?

The early history of Mother’s day dates back to the time of Greeks and Romans, who held festivities in the honor of ancient goddesses Rhea and Cybele. During the 16th century, Mothering Sundays were celebrated in the UK. But, the modern day holiday of Mother’s day came into existence in the U.S. solely because of the efforts of two admirable women, named Anna Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe. The former is considered as the founding stone of the official Mother’s Day holiday.

Even in India, people embraced the idea of observing Mother’s day with fervent vigor.

What are some Interesting Facts behind this Day?

Around 122 million phone calls are made in the United States alone, on the occasion of Mother’s Day. It is celebrated in as close to 50 countries around the world. Also, in some nations, it’s considered particularly offensive to not wish your mother on Mother’s Day. Carnations are flowers which are closely associated with the celebrations. Some say that the tears of Virgin Mary bloomed into carnations witnessing Jesus’s plight.

How do we celebrate Mother’s Day now?

As the day approaches, kids get excited, the mother’s nostalgic and the families euphoric! Modern day celebrations of Mother’s day are usually grand. Some take their Mums for a brunch and gift her numerous Mother’s Day Gifts Online. Many people buy bouquets as a bunch of fragrant flowers surely smell gratitude.

The basic instinct behind all these gifting mannerisms is to make your lovely mother smile. What better way to thank her than just making her feel proud and special.

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